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A Happiness Consulting a vezetőknek segít maguk és embereik-, társadalmuk hatékonyságának és jól-létének fejlesztésében azáltal, hogy előmozdítja a figyelmesebb és egyben örömtelibb mukahelyi klíma/ kultúra kialakítását. A felelősségteljes örömteliség mérésével és fejlesztése által elkerülhetetlen az örömteliség és a jól-lét fejlődése. A pénzügyi mutatószámok - mint a bevétel és profitabilitás - növekednek, valamint a HR mutatószámok is jobbá válnak.

Professional Presentation

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Business Team

Üdvözlet, kedves látogató!

Itt Fodor Szilárd, a Happiness Consulting vezetője, alapítója.

A Happiness Consulting koncepciója 2008-ban, fogalmazódott meg bennem, miután elegem lett a multinacionális cégek - canon, samsung, nbcuniversal - vezetőségi tagjaként tölteni értékes éveimet.

Meginvitáltam hasonló gondolkodású vezető barátaimat a híres BaBar klubba, majd elkezdtük a konceptiót kidolgozni.

Ekkor jöttem rá, hogy egy megbízható tanácsadó cég felépítéséhez még a multi cégek vezetőségi tagjainak is nagyon sokat kell tanulni. Ezért, a nemzetközileg kiváló tudásáról elismert, német vezető-tanácsadó barátom Michael Fuchs mentorálására bíztam gondolkodásom lépcsőzetes fejlesztését és ezáltal munkám és jövőm alakulását. Németországban töltött éveim alatt együtt-, valamint a jórészt általa bekapcsolt ötfős nemzetközi szakértőkből álló csapattal dolgoztuk ki a Happiness Consulting titán-csontvázát, a mérési és fejlesztési stratégiáját.


Ebben, az éberség intelligencia (AQ) oszlopunk Michael-től ered, az örömteli látásmód oszlopunkat magam fogalmaztam meg. E kettő egységét felelősségteljes örömteliségnek nevezzük. A stratégiát malájziai egyetemek (IPD-OUM), vállalatok és állami hivatalok során helyben teszteltük még mielőtt Európában is megnyitottuk volna kapuinkat. A stratégia kialakítását követően a kérdőíveket, riportokat, tréning-anyagokat magam is ki tudtam már dolgozni.

The power of the new knowledge, the happiness of the new point of view, and the thankfulness resulting from the methods applied can be seen in the eyes of our consulted clients and the training participants.

Meanwhile, due to the demand that appeared, we opened our know-how to consultants and agencies interested in taking over and internalizing our know-how. Today, our consulting firm operates as a worldwide brand franchise. Our trainers have taken part in the one-year green-belt training program. Thus, they have studied dozens of books, research, articles, audio and video material, and finally passed the belt test. They tried and applied the methods we teach continuously on themselves. As our franchise partners, they all have the right to independently and freely choose from the client requests we receive centrally, based on their subjective or objective preferences. We also support professional intuition as a decision-making tool, as more than 80 percent of leaders apply it.

It is worth mentioning that if your organisation does not serve a nature-given positive cause, e.g., supports the deep state or any other non-legitimate terrorist-like organisation, it tries to enforce its interests by violent manners, or possibly applies a hidden lobbying activity, then there is a great chance that it won't pass the client-valuation process of our consultants as we feel responsible for our clients. Also, we can only support or help those organisations or governments that let the decision about vaccination be taken freely by their people.
On the other hand, in case your organisation serves the positive development of the community or can benefit many people, then our consultants may provide you a very affordable offer package, instead of the quite premium package we apply as business usual.

You read the above and would you like to become our client? Take a look at a 10-minute strategic summary video HERE!

May we help many to lead easier, live happier and freer!

Best wishes,

Seal Josephson, Ph.D. hc.

Happiness & Wellbeing in HR & Executive Leadership
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You like more formal introductions? Here you may find it:


We imagine a world - and workplaces - in which all beings live in peace and understanding. A world in which everyone has high physical, social and mental well-being. Everyone is happy and aware. Positivity, optimism and parasympathetic processes dominate living. The motivation of every being is not selfish, but to help others. This refers both living and working. All jobs are done according to promised, as people feel responsible for what they do think and say.


We feel, that it is our duty to help society and individuals reach the state mentioned in our Vision statement. We feel, that none of the existing trainer and consulting companies have accumulated the knowledge that is required to achieve this state. We do this by working on the levels of organizations, education and government, to gain a real momentum of change.


Our core values are positive actions that lead to happiness, and awareness of inner and outer factors that enfold in responsibility, and finally lead to all-encompassing wisdom of professional intuition. Along the path, we see, that people take a journey along the different value-systems (as spiral dynamics describes them). Our aim is to first transform negativity to positivity - to make a shift from the 'dark side' to the 'bright side'-. Only then we improve leader's skills to become masters of responsible happiness. As we see, that the current spiral dynamics explanation of value-systems are not full, we extended it and rounded it up, by spiral dynamics extended (SDx), to lead people to a focused and fast development.

Strategy & Tactics

We believe and see, that happy people are doing better, perform better, are more successful, in a healthy and sustainable way. Therefore, we believe in the Human Quality Movement, and act along its principles.


Happiness Consulting helps to improve Happiness factors – the key element of Human Quality Movement – performing Happiness Improvement Programs in which apply Happy Mindset and Awareness Intelligence (AQ).


We offer evidence-based and specifically designed training programs and public trainings to improve contentment, engagement, leadership performance, sustainability, well-being, happiness and the company culture. Through comprehensive leadership trainings and consulting, we design and implement organisational experience that enables the enhancement and positive change.


Master Black Belt Consultants of Happiness Consulting show the qualities of both the joyful and the sage archetype - described by CG Jung -, mastering their life and work. On one hand they inspire optimism and positivity, on the other hand they provide scientific know-how drawn from all major fields of science to support it.


They have the ability to assist and help you in a personalized way. They perform tailor-made trainings based on assessments. responsible of towards positivity, happiness and better performance. Due to the depth of their training, they are polyhistors of health and body processes, the meaning of symbols we face in our daily life, complexity theories like systems thinking and adaptive systems, neuroscience, epigenetics, philosophy, healing traumas, measuring and analysing happiness factors, mind-material related parts of quantum physics, frequencies and vibrations, positive psychology and performing mental entrainment. They deeply understand the essence and power of positivity, human values, morality, and happy human existence. They face non-positivity, reveal it and dissolve it without any political correctness - as you would expect it from a friend that is protecting you. With keeping their good motivation they even show you the way to transform negativity to positivity inside yourself and outside in the world. Black Belts Consultants of Happiness Consulting have closely the same qualities.


The Consulting Agency Partners Happiness Consulting and Individual trainers may obtain the Green Belt levels of happiness certificate that entitles them to provide Happy Mindset 1 and 2 standardized trainings.

We are an international team, working as one entity.

Happiness Consulting


  1.  supplies knowledge and tools for sustainable happiness

  2.  improves the level of contentment, engagement, loyalty

  3.  results in performance increase and growth

  4.  enhances the level of physical-, social- and mental well-being

  5.  develops a happier company culture by the

  6.  improves the mindset of responsibility, by enhancing awareness intelligence 

by using well known, well proved and widely used tools AND adding on our unique assessments delivered by our tailor-made Responsible Happiness Improvement Program.

Happiness & Wellbeing in HR & Executive Leadership
Happiness & Wellbeing in HR & Executive Leadership
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