We provide certifications for organisations that shows a proof that they successfully walked through the Happiness Improvement Program, and achieved the results in the KPIs we measure. Individuals of the organisations may also get certifications that represent their obtained skills in happiness and awareness (eg. Happy & Aware Leader). Together with their own individual certification they carry another certification with them that the organisation they work for may utilize (eg. Happy & Aware Leadership Inside). We also encourage organisations to get their trainers trained by us and ensure the sustainability of happiness improvements at their company. Just like any of the individuals certified within a client company, they use the knowledge and experience they obtained inside their own company.



Partners of Hapiness Consulting, are mainly Training & Consulting Agencises, Educational Institutes and Individual trainers. They consult or develop other companies or students. They may obtain certain levels of happiness certificate that entitles them to provide standardised Happy Mindset Trainings. Educational Institutes may provide this in eg. as a three-week program, or may slice the content to last for two or three semesters.



Trainers & Consultants

Trainers & Consultants proceed to achieve the various levels of the train-the-trainer certification system of Happiness Consulting we call the Belt System.

Certificates for: