Lead easier, live freer,
by making
your leadership and workplace culture
more responsible and happier!

Sioux Falls, SD

Happiness & Wellbeing Holding Intl. Ltd.

+1 (888) 886-6841 (Tool Free), Seal Josephson

Seal [at] happiness-consulting.com

CNA Building, 101 S. Reid Street, Suite 307,

Sioux Falls 57103, South Dakota, USA

Berlin, DE

Happiness Consulting Büro Deutschland

+49 173 4317904, Mariann Szuchy
Berlin [at] happiness-consulting.com

Schönhauser Allee 129, 10437 Berlin,



Prague, CZ

Happiness Guardian Holding sro.

Prague [at] happiness-consulting.com

Korunní 2569/108, Vinohrady, 101 00 Prague,

Czech Republic

Budapest, HU

Happiness Consulting Magyarország Kft.

+36 1 998 9786, Fodor Szilárd

Budapest [at] happiness-consulting.com

1054 Budapest, Bank Center, Szabadság tér 7., Hungary

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