Happy Mindset development consists of information and skills that can be learned by everyone, and human qualities that can be obtained through exercises. 


Happiness Consulting aims to contribute to a happier world, happier future, and voluntarily invests in it for the common benefit of the society. As a corporate social responsibility (CSR) Happiness Consulting provides the training on voluntary basis for kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, high school and vocational school teachers - of the government owned institutions - . They may organise Happy Mindset 1 & 2 Trainings at their school for their teachers - in the countries where Happiness Consultig provides services -.

Happiness Consulting aims to spend at least 10% of its Consultants' time - sometimes up to 20% - with them.

There is also a light version of Happy Mindset Trainings available for them - for their willing application within their educational program - in case they participate the Green Belt level train-the-trainer training.

We schedule the request of schools taking in front the those with the highest number of teachers participanting or requesting the level of Green Belt training.

For Universities & Colleges Happiness Consulting offers a unique standardized Happy Mindset Training based programs or Happiness Semester Blocks – with weekly 2-3 hours of commitment, depending on the number of educational weeks in the particular Institution (24-30 hours per semester).


In case Adult Learning Institutes prefer to open a Happiness Course and focus on full-time happiness development - say in 5-6 hours a day -, the length of the full course is about three weeks (24-30 hours per week).


Professors may participate the Black Belt level training - after completing the Green Belt level -, and thus, they may conduct happiness courses or semesters within their Institute.

You are welcome to join us in our efforts supporting that children - as the new generation - shall learn becoming as happy and aware as possible and to spread their happiness to the society. The school that utilises your donation will contact you directly by email, to thank your effort. Let us do useful things together. We are happy to share.