Responsible Happiness Improvement Program

The Improvement Process:


Areas we help:

Talent Management

I want to get ahead of the employment trends and use new ways to work with self-responsible people with happy mindset, in order to




choose and grow greatness.


Happy Mindset Improvement Program

I want engaged colleagues and teams with happy mindset that keep their high performance in the long term.

I want to




drive high and sustainable performance by improving happiness.


Organisational development

I seek more than the world-class HR assessments, processes and development programs. I aim to build a high-trust and engaged workplace culture from an all-encompassing holistic view; therefore I want to


implement the deapest levels of happy processes in my organisation and become a

Happy Organisation.



Your Benefits in


  • Improving performance, productivity and creativity
  • Increasing earnings and profit:
       a.) companies with high engagement have 19% higher Operating Income than companies with average engagement, and 50% higher OI than low engaged companies;
       b.) companies that apply sustainable engagement (well-being) tools have 200% higher Operating Margin than without, and 300% higher OM than low engagement companies (source: Towers Watson)
  • Getting competitive advantage by having sustainable performance and growth
  • Optimizing people’s investments
  • Happiness assessments (including job contentment, employee engagement, employee well-being, happiness)
  • People development program that is based on assessments
  • Decreasing health-related and absence costs
  • Owning a mature talent development strategy; attracting, developing, and retaining talents
  • Raising company culture, internal coherence, and ultimately higher overall happiness
  • Achieving all of the above, with playfulness, flow
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  • Pupils and students getting more relaxed, more disciplined and engaged
  • More effortless, lighter and more enjoyable teaching and learning of the same subjects
  • Better performance on tests, higher average results of classes
  • Teacher-student relationships improved on both sides, each can count on the other
  • Modularly applicable program for all sections of education
  • Happiness Improvement Program provided to educators on voluntary basis by Happiness Consulting
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  • Higher efficacy in processing and handling complexity
  • Relaxed and more focused handling of tense situations
  • Increase in the trust and satisfaction of people with the Governance, gaining votes
  • Measurement of well-being and happiness of the society that is linked to a Tailor-made Happiness Improvement Program
  • More intuitive recognition of micro and macro trends of societal facts and change
  • Better understanding and handling the motivational elements of different development-level value systems within the society, and harmonising their peaceful and fruitful co-existence with the society’s general values
  • Enhancing the natural transition of a Knowledge Society to a Well-being Society
  • Strengthening human rights and values
  • More effortless, still more responsible decision making
  • Running a ‘for the Happy XYCountry’ Happiness Improvement Program
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